Thursday, October 29, 2009

Herding Cats

Some of my cats have always walked with me around the immediate neighborhood. When I walk over to visit neighbors on Dorman Street Guapo and Smudgie will usually follow. When I walk to Oriental Street to pick up my csa share and eggs or to drop off Julie's share of the veggies they sometimes come only as far as the alley and wait there for me to return. Sometimes Guapo will climb the steps to the door like he expects to go in and visit, though at the first dog bark he will dash off into the cover of the shrubs. Last week Guapo and Tipitina followed me all the way to Karen's house and hung out in the garden chasing rabbits for over an hour, then came bounding over as I exited and joined me for the walk home. A couple of dog walkers had a chuckle at the sight of us strolling down North Street together.

On Tuesday, Guapo and Little Egypt walked with me to Julie's. Coming back, Smudgie and McGee joined us. I really did look like a catherd with all four of them surrounding me. And when I arrived home Fatface and the two feral boys, Tuffy Biggs and LC, came trotting up to see if I might put some food out for them.
Here is a picture of Tuffy, the white and orange one, and LC, his longtime companion, who always looks rather concerned.

It is good to live in a place with so many good friends, bipedal and quad.