Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The kids are alright

Two of my kids - Smudge and McGee.

I like this picture, where they are doing the "mirror twin" thing, even to the crook in their tails.

McGee is also known as Troublesome McGee, the cat without social skills. Need something broken? McGee will oblige.

Here is Smudge with little Corkie the Gimp. Corkie has a corkscrew kink in her tail and a slightly deformed front leg, which doesn't slow her down at all. But she is very shy and doesn't ever want to be held. A bit of a neck scratch is all she will generally allow.

This is El Guapo, who is helping me in my pottery studio. He is a wonderful cat, with so much personality. He loves to ride in the car and will gladly go with me to visit my mom in her nursing home.

And this is Little Egypt, pretending to be a Christmas Tree ornament.

Monday, July 23, 2007

MS3 Futility

I am having no luck at all getting through Clue 1. Just when I think I am cruising along, something goes terribly awry.
At least the weather here has been absolutely perfect, so I am comfortable in my misery.